Connect helps you reach homeowners instantly via auto texts, calls and emails. You’re busy and following up quickly is so important yet difficult to manage. Save time, reach more homeowners and turn more leads into jobs. As soon as your inquiries come in, Connect sends an instant text, call and email to the homeowner, with automated follow-ups.

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How do the auto texts and emails work?

Texts and emails are fully customizable, with recommended templates that are pre-loaded. There are up to 4 follow-ups (5 in the total sequence). Follow-ups are only triggered if the homeowner did not engage with any of the previous texts/calls/emails. All three elements are integrated, so if one is engaged with, all follow- ups pause.

How do the auto calls work?

When an inquiry comes in, an auto call is made to you(with a welcome message saying the name of the homeowner). If you answer, an auto call is made to the homeowner, conferencing you together.

What happens when a homeowner responds?

Connect  sends text + email alerts to you, alerting you the homeowner responded. The alert has a link that when clicked, puts you into the platform (without logging in) so you can easily continue the conversation, via phone or computer.

Nowadays texting is the most preferred method of contact, with research showing 9 out of 10 consumers wanting to communicate with businesses by text. If you’re not texting, you’re missing out, because your competitors text. Furthermore, Connect allows leads to easily choose their preferred contact method and respond when ready.

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